Valentina L. Fontana

FEMALE FEELINGS It’s a sisterhood Same but different: Valentina L Fontana’s new collection is all about women empowering and the strong bond between women who think alike, who share a dream, a project. Like two sisters growing apart but feeling the bond, Fontana’s woman has two souls and a dualistic approach to dressing. The silhouette has a vertical impact, almost towering. Long flared pants, feminine overalls bare the back. Outwear is a forte of the designer style: the stiff cotton canvas trench, the rigid cape for windy spring, the linen desert jacket, where sportswear meets tailored detailed items. The pocket – on a jacket or the short pant - is a folded complex useful decoration, the short sleeve is like a flower, with featherlight petals, creating movement. Masculine and feminine build up a harmonic contrast: stiff canvas versus soft body conscious knitwear, following curves while black lace seduces naturally. Short pants and cropped bras, skin on skin transparent gauze to complete short dresses and tops with crossing straps. A set of multi-coloured ribbed knitwear - a long lean dress, a stretchy t-shirt, a flared carioca pant give a composed yet playful message: be a man, be strong like a woman. Bright colour match and contrast: aqua, cornflower blue, duck yellow, coral red, sand, black lace. Flaunces I started whit the concept of how the women feel when she choous a dress. I work with color bloking aqua, cornflower blue, duck yellow, coral red, sand, black lace. We have two decorative details, the double pocket and the flaunces. This collection would to be a match beetwen masculine and feminine by to stiff canvas versus soft knitwear. _ Born in Naples in 1988 Valentina Lucia Fontana grew up in Modena. Her family legacy, her grandmother knitting and embroidering laces for her to play with dolls and making dresses, deeply impacted her creativity. This Italian designer has the Mediterranean strength of a woman from the South and the independent, strong almost masculine spirit of a Milanese woman. Her passion for every form of Art lead her to majoring with a bachelor’s degree in Art History and then studied fashion at Accademia di Brera in Milan, pursuing her project of a crossover between Fashion and Art. After majoring in Fashion she left for London where she started collaborating with local brands, crossing her path with multiple projects and different cultures.

Back in Milan Valentina established her eponymous brand VALENTINA L FONTANA whose collection are addressed to the 21st century feminists, who take a stand and make a statement using fashion as a means and the everyday women that bring their personality around the world, with elegance, self-confidence, irony and discrete sensuality.


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