Madame Cosette

Madame Cosette is the memory of my childhood, is the story of a woman Ilove –my mother Maria Rosaria- who invented a fairy tale for her three lively “little women” (we are three sisters Caterina, Francesca and Sarah), to make us order our many shoes (we had so many shoes even as girls!). She told us about a woman who had a magic key, able to open all the doors to take away the shoes in a mess and give them to poor girls. From this story, we sisters imagined a house made of shoes where the walls, doors, and furnishings were a jumble of shoes on shoes, a bit like a house made of candies in the fairytales! Madame Cosette is a story that joins my sisters and I, which has made us
complicit, that makes us come back together as if we were still in our little room every night, listening to our mother telling which shoes she – the enchanted Madame Cosette- had found the night before.


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