Background for Guðrun & Guðrun

guðrun & guðrun is a knitwear company specialized in hand-knit. the company was founded in 2002 by two faroese women and the creative process of design is very closely linked to the isolation of the place. “it’s good to come to europe for input and inspiration, but it’s crucial to come back home to the silence and not be disturbed by the hectic life of fashion” the designer concludes.

our vision is to make a difference. which is very simple and yet very ambitious. we want to make clothes that meet the standards of conscious customers that do care about each other, the environment, our common natural resources and that yet want to be stylish...

the hand-knitted collections are made in the homes of women's knitters on the faroe islands and in jordan and peru as part of our women's empowerment projects.

the faroe islands are 18 tiny islands situated in the north atlantic, between iceland and norway. only 45.000 people live on the islands. still it’s a nation of it’s own with own culture and own language. so tiny and still the frames of the myriad of life.


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