Dora Larsen

Dora Larsen


meet dora larsen, the experimental lingerie brand devoted to colour. think underwear as outerwear. underwear so good it has to be seen.

the brand was created by georgia larsen, ex-lingerie buyer for one of the world’s biggest brands. having been brought up in a design-obsessed family, with a surrealist painter for a father, georgia’s fascination with aesthetics and colour was developed at a young age. sick of buying endless bra's that fitted badly and felt uncomfortable, georgia set out to create something she could trust that still felt fun to wear.

high quality mesh ensures the best possible fit. eyelash lace elevates the style. and, in a lingerie world saturated in nude and black, dora larsen takes colour as its chief inspiration.

shell pink, lime green, lilac grey, snorkel blue, saffron, old rose, moss: colour can be soothing, amusing, rebellious or uplifting. the art lies in how these shades are combined.

created by lingerie enthusiasts, we believe in finding that ultimate bra.

we hope you love the range.


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