Clara Aestas, from the Latin Illustrious Summer, is a Luxury Beachwear brand born from the need for the rebirth of two young and beautiful former lawyers from Southern Italy. Their intuition and their desire to reinvent themselves result in unique, unconventional models, completely out of the box, without denouncing a classically inspired mood: clean lines on modeling entirely conceived and designed to satisfy a highly sophisticated and demanding client, but always with a bold touch. Each Clara Aestas swimwear is a structured creation which entirely includes the outstanding handcrafted knowledge of Made in Italy, handed down from our grandmothers, combined with a creative and artistic flair based on the concept of color and on the costumers' emotions.

Within a few months from the first releasing, the two designers' intuitions became successful and thanks to their accommodating business strategy, the brand is now available in the best boutiques in Italy and all over the World. Furthermore the brand is appreciated by the most famous national and international celebrities. Clara Aestas rejects the Fast Fashion idea and it differs from the other brands, not only for its products' qualities, but
especially for the commitment and the promotion of the Apulian territory. Each Clara Aestas garment is not only a beachwear, but a garment full of culture, study, female commitment and attention to physical characteristics of each woman. Clara Aestas is awarded among the Italian VOGUE Talents for the campaign for the prevention of cutaneous melanoma and is identified by VANITY FAIR for the coolest swimsuit. Thanks to these recognitions, nowadays the brand is considered by the press as the only one that produces Haute Couture swimwear.



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