Creating a high-quality, directional line of clothing and accessories for beloved dogs and their elegant owners had been on Caroline Roberts’ mind for quite some time before she eventually launched BAEBCLUB in 2018 this year. Based in Hong Kong, Roberts has substantial experience and sound expertise within the high-end marketing and retail sectors, with a strong affinity for luxury goods. Her wish was to conceive a lifestyle brand that could reconnect dogs to their families and devoted owners, using the language of fashion to underline the privileged relationship humans have with their pets. Being fully aware that she did not want her collection to be a predictable series of matching outfits, Caroline found more subtle and playful ways to coordinate the owner’s clothes to their dog’s, relying on her visionary eye, while sticking to effortless styles. Referencing sportswear silhouettes, high- end elements and fetish codes within some of her signature styles, she approached BAEBCLUB as a humorous, edgy and innovative brand, expressing simultaneously her passion for dogs and creative clothes. In Caroline’s world, there is no reason why dogs shouldn’t look as fashion- forward and stylish as their owners, from the choice of their garments to their seductive, multi-tasking accessories. The place of dogs within Caroline’s life is fundamental and she admits not being able to imagine life without them around “My parents were dog owners as well, and the first one I remember having was a cute chihuahua. The weather gets quite warm and muggy in Hong Kong. I quickly noticed that my dog was always shivering in air-conditioned rooms.
So I decided she needed something to wear and I started knitting small crochet pieces for her. I could never find any style I liked in the shops and didn’t want my dog to look like a cartoon figure or caricature. If you have a certain taste and embrace it fully why should the appearance of your dog not reflect it, too? I believe dogs deserve the same standards we humans get to enjoy.” Every season, BAEBCLUB offers new clothing styles and unexpected accessories, as well as gifting ideas for dogs. Manufactured in Italy and using some of the country’s finest suppliers, the collection will be distributed through reputable stores and selected retailers across the world. BAEBCLUB is a complete lifestyle brand, finding new and exciting ways to dress dogs and their refined owners.


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